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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the first thing I should do if I’ve been injured in a car crash?
The first thing that you should do after a car crash is to figure out if you have been injured. If so, then seek immediate medical treatment. Cars can be fixed, attorneys can be contacted later, but you are the most important thing to worry about. Once you take care of any immediate medical concerns, then you can contact an attorney to protect your rights.

Is there anything I can do before a crash to be more prepared?
This is a question that many drivers find themselves asking following a car crash. First, you should be aware of all updated traffic laws from the Texas DMV. Those can be found at http:// http://txdmv.gov/. Second, you should have a copy of your driver’s license, valid registration, and proof of insurance with you at all times when you drive. Finally, a disposable camera in your glove box would be a good idea to help document physical damage to your car as well as any immediate injuries that were suffered in the car accident.

Why do I need a lawyer?
If you’ve been injured and it’s someone else’s fault, you should consult an attorney to determine exactly what your rights are. Insurance companies and defense lawyers have professionals working hard to make sure that you get as little money as possible. They operate like a business. The less money they give you, the more money they get to keep. By hiring an attorney, you are leveling the playing field. Not only will the The Bonner Law Firm give you a free consultation to discuss your case, but in many cases we can offer access to a variety of necessary medical treatment with no upfront cost.

I don’t have any health insurance. Can I still get medical treatment for my injuries?
The Bonner Law Firm works with a wide variety of doctors and medical professionals. These relationships are used to get many of our clients’ medical treatment on a lien. This means that you do not pay any upfront costs for treatment that you sorely need. Once your case settles, the doctors are then paid from the settlement proceeds.

Typically, we offer personal injury representation on a contingency fee basis. Free Consultation and no payment until your claim is successfully resolved. We arrange for medical care and treatment without any upfront costs.

Business 2 Business Collections are also done on a contingency fee basis.